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Employment Opportunities

Cobra Systems, Inc. is always looking for bright, hardworking individuals who are interested in joining our team.  We understand that a company is only as good as its people, so we dedicate ourselves to hire the right individuals to further help us grow, not only as a company but as individuals.

We hire on two main metrics, a person's ability to do a fantastic job and having the right character to be someone that others want to come to work with.

Current Positions Available
Territory Sales Representative (Houston) - click here to submit your resume.
Territory Sales Representative (TBD) - click here to submit your resume. 

Cobra Systems focuses on building and maintaining a positive and growth oriented company culture. At Cobra Systems we work together in small teams of two to four goal oriented individuals.  Communication, Positivity, and Accountability are the things we emphasize to all hirees.

Cobra Systems, Inc - Core Values
  1. Customer Loyalty is #1
  2. Treat customers, vendors, and fellow employees the way They want to be treated.
  3. Do More with Less.
  4. Compete intensely and Win.
  5. Everyone is responsible for their own Successes, Failures, and Happiness
  6. Create Value in everything you do.
  7. Make decisions based on what's Best for the company.
If you have experience in our industries and/or feel you have the skills and expertise that would fit well at Cobra Systems, Inc., please send your resume with cover letter to