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Label Design Software
Label Design Software
Labels ... with/ or without barcodes, RFID, variable text and graphics…

BarTender and NiceLabel are the leading Windows barcode label software programs. Or is there another alternative which has not been offered to you yet?

Both of the above programs offer professional label design with bar codes and features to simplify the creation of compliance labels and integration with other enterprise-wide software. NiceLabel and BarTender even support the printing and encoding labels with integrated RFID tags.

Which solution best suits your needs? It depends on your requirements …

Cobra Systems offers more than 20 years of direct experience with labeling and barcoding software; standalone and dedicated label print systems; unique applications; systems integration with ERP systems and mobility and/or portability.

Dedicated software programs such as BarTender and NiceLabel allow users to gain total control over the label's appearance, including the type and size of text, bar codes and graphics. Within both software programs, users can place objects exactly where you want them and control rotation as precisely as 1/10th of a degree.

Both BarTender and NiceLabel offer a choice of predesigned label templates and formats meeting the needs of many commonly used standards in different business environments or industries, simplifying the learning task of any new software program.

Adding to design simplicity, both BarTender and NiceLabel offer a library of special graphics and access to hundreds of high-quality, scalable symbols, saving you the trouble of researching and drawing them yourself. You can choose from predefined label categories such as electrical, hazardous material, packaging and more to simplify your final label design.

The label printing process is most often fully dependant upon, and integrated with enterprise applications such as SAP or Oracle, WMS, Microsoft Office, inventory management software and many others. To the novice, both software products seemingly excel at seamless integration with a variety of options...

We might even suggest some alternative options for dedicated, mobile or standalone application which could incorporate portable data collection terminals using WiFi or Bluetooth, or even a uniquely specific printing system which does not even require labeling software or a PC, or sometimes even direct access to your network.

Your Cobra Systems representative can provide an outline of the product differences and alternatives or options which will assist you to choose the best solution to meet your barcode and label printing requirements.
Features and Benefits

• Cobra offers 20 years labeling experience ...
• alternatives for dedicated, mobile or standalone
• integration, unique requirements, simplicity ...