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Barcode Labels
Barcode Labels
Labels are a critical component of product identification and are responsible for controlling product flows and operational processes.  Labels enable the supply chain and a world of highly efficient logistics and data collection systems.

The label is often the only (and most important) information medium identifying the product.  It is the label that transforms products into readable information carriers - readable to the human eye and to (barcode/ RFID) automated data collection systems.

Labels are the silent sales driver to give customer information about the features of the product, its composition, its uses and its competitive advantages.

Advances in print technology now offers users 'on-demand' label printing solutions for any industry.  The latest generations of label printers print multi-million label runs or individual and unique individual labels in seconds.

Today's label & tag printers can output onto metal, plastic, weather and acid-resistant materials, textiles and almost any color paper or cardstock. The user can choose between application acceptable quality or very high print quality label or tag media.

Your Cobra Systems representative can advise and guide you through the selection process of a wide variety of labels, printing and complete systems available.