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Warrior-Mentality Sales Force
Most transactions on Cobra Systems websites will probably not require the assistance from one of our talented, expert sales associates, but it is very reassuring to know that our top-notch Warriors are more than willing and able to do battle to make deals happen. Our team of sales experts have more than thirty years of industrial barcode printing and scanning experience; let us answer any technical question you may have regarding your specific application or material usage.

“Beat the Price” Sales Guarantee
At Cobra Systems, we love happy customers, and we prove it with each and every deal. Big or small, each transaction is as unique and important as our customers. So how do we make it even better? offers “Beat the Price” guarantees! What? You may ask is “Beat the Price”.

If you find any item on for less than posted price, anywhere else, we guarantee to “Beat the Price” by as much as $10.00, or up to 20%, depending on the item.*

It’s Simple—Our Actions Speak Louder than Words
There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing if you’re buying the right printer, scanner, ink or label roll for your specific application. We will solve that puzzle, and so much more, with just one phone call. We stand behind our guarantee to continue making you, our customer, happy!

Call: 1.714.688.7999

*To receive “Beat the Price” discount on your purchase, all items must be verifiable and approved by a Sales Executive with or Cobra Systems, Inc. “Beat the Price” discounts are not available on discontinued items by any vendor or website. Cobra Systems, Inc. has the right to refuse any transaction if it deems pricing is not accurate to actual cost, based on stipulations of a contest, or other special offers and/or deals.